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Established in 2018, Q & L Homes combines a certified electrician and a flooring and tiling artisan, but you will get to know them as Andrew and Mat. Their stories began with a passion for building homes, from framing to painting. Each detail is crafted and refined to perfection with one goal in mind, a satisfied customer.

Andrew and Mat’s journey as professionals began soon after completing their relative education fields and they both worked and explored multi-facets of the building process. With previous awareness of one another, it wasn’t long until they officially met and worked on several projects throughout Greater Sudbury. With an entrepreneurial mindset, Andrew and Mat began their own business. Each building on previous experience, success, and satisfied customers.

The elevation of each business required more support, and so began the conversation of a partnership. Combining strengths, resources and connections, Andrew and Mat had the formula to produce impressive projects, from home improvement to complete developments in the city. The company has become the fastest-growing home builder in Greater Sudbury and employs a list of local apprentices, creating sustainable employment for the North.

Q & L Homes can elevate and refine your project from frame to paint and everything in between. Customer satisfaction is their mission, and your space refined is their goal. Andrew and Mat look forward to creating long-lasting relationships with customers, realtors and developers alike.

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